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नज़ारे नए नए!

Our Projects.

Runak Jhunak for Kanika Patawari, 

Phenko Mat for Recircle, 

Hope Wali Diwali  for Noccarc, Ichigo Ichie, Fear for Shilpa Ananth, मीन  राग for Sahapedia‏,  Waste No More for Xynteo,‏ Saari Raat for Kanika Patawari,‏ Meeting a Pandit‏, Plastic Safari Promo for Xynteo‏, Opium‏, Of Love & Artistry for Jaipur Virasat Foundation‏, उत्सव  for Momasar Utsav, Sandhya.


Docedge Kolkata Pitch & Baltic Sea Docs Award at Docedge Kolkata. Forum Lenteng Award at Arkipel - Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival. Best World Music Video by California Music Video & Film Awards. Special Mention at International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala. Special Mention for Music at The Archaeology Channel International Film Festival. Runner -up at Albuquerque Film & Music Experience. Runner-up at Women International Film Festival and Official Screenings across the world.
Utsav now screening on EpicOn and The Epic Channel.

Ichigo Ichie & Opium featured under #VibeCurates.

About Us.

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 10.43.32
Crew 2.jpg


Your brand, our ideas
filmed sustainable-y. 




Responsible. Handmade.Enviorment.


Unknown.Cinema.Experimental. Heritage.Unheard.




यह तिलिस्मी चश्मे हैं
देखते हैं पार
इंसानो, आदमी और औरतों
पेड़ , पौधौं
मिटटी और हवा के कीट - पतंगों
अदृश्य तरंगो के परे
बच्चों की आँखों की पुतलियों के भीतर
कठपुतलियों के कंठो में उतर कर
यह ऐनक देखती है,
सुनती भी है
एक मधुर कहानी।


Ashok Meena surprises us with his visuals so often. A trained cinematographer from FTII, he is also famous for his Rajsthani style lunch preparations. 

We are supported by talented and driven individuals from various fields, helping us realise our vision at every step. They could be anyone between a pianist to a Taekwondo champion. 

Suruchi is a filmmaker who enjoys all means of

transportation as long as they give space to her daydreams.

She founded Ainak on one such dreamy plane ride. 

Behind The Scenes.
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